History of online gambling

Just like many other businesses the gambling industry has also accepted internet as the ideal platform to flourish. Online gambling is now very popular. The majority of countries in the world have numerous websites that function as online casinos. Gambling was popular even in the ancient Roman Empire. However, in those days the player had to rely on the real casino. Today millions of gamblers the world over enjoy playing the games offered by the online casinos. The gamers now use handheld devices for online gambling so that they can play the games anytime anywhere. Online gambling was introduced in the 1990s. When people started using the internet for various commercial activities various industries that were operating on land got transferred to the virtual platform. Gambling was one among them. Interestingly, among the various industries that started to operate online, gambling industry was one among the first few to make benefits. It is believed that the first online casino came into existence in the year 1994.

Beginning of the billion dollar industry

Microgaming, pioneers in developing software, developed the software for online gambling. Development of this software facilitated the birth of the first online casino. In the same year the websites for online gambling were allowed to acquire license and open offices with the help of the Free Trade & Processing Act. By the year 1997, the number of online casinos increased to 200. More number of gamers started preferring to play with the online casinos and consequently the real casino became less popular. However, there is wide difference among the standards of modern online casinos and online casinos of the 1990s. The games offered by the old online casinos were rather crude and the initial online casinos could not survive for long periods. Hardly a couple of online casinos which started during 1996 – 1997 still exist. It was in the year 1998, the first online Poker site was introduced. At that time itself, the online casino market was worth $830 million! Multiplayer online gambling was introduced in the year 1999. That event in fact marked the birth of a billion dollar industry that continues to march forward steadily.

Today’s online gambling scenario

The online gambling industry has undergone rapid technological advancements and the online casinos that are the leaders today are utilizing the most modern technology to the maximum extent. As a result they are able to offer the players top notch gaming sites that are optimized for all types of mobile devices. Today, without downloading the casino app the players can access the casino sites using their handheld devices. The growth of online gambling industry right from year 2000 has been very fast and now the market is very competitive. The games were rapidly improved, bonuses grew at great speed and great royalty schemes also were introduced. Online casinos compete among them vigorously in developing awesome features. Now casino lovers the world over enjoy online gambling on their Smartphone or Tablet. The amazing jackpots, multiplayer games, themed slots and the live casinos could attract more and more players into online gambling.

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